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I'll Make You The Office Cuckold
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I'm so excited to meet all the hot guys you work with, especially your super-handsome new boss. I love you showing me off at these events - everyone's eyes on me - on what I'm barely wearing. I love them all seeing your beautiful girlfriend making fun of you, and totally fucking humiliating you all night long. I want all the guys you work with drooling over me. I'm going to wear a slutty dress so they can all see my big tits and too-good-for-you body. I'm going to flirt with all of them and let them know I like to cheat on you. I want them all to know they can fuck your little princess whenever they'd like to. I'm going to rub their cocks right in front of you and tell them to fuck me in a rest-room cubicle. I want them to take photos of me sucking their cocks so that they can share them around the office. I want you to find out exactly what they do to me from them - not me. I want your boss to know he can call me into his office whenever he wants - just to fuck your cheating girlfriend. I want all the girls you work with to know you're a cuckold locked in chastity while the rest of the office fucks your girlfriend. It's going to be such a humiliating party for you cucky - but nowhere near as humiliating as it's gonna be when you go back to work on Monday!
Maxie Rhoads
04/01/2020 - 9 minutes
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CruelBrats - I'll Make You The Office Cuckold - #Cuckold