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I'm Your Office Bully - Panty Boy
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I knew you were a fucking perv! I've got proof of you stealing my panties and trying them on. I've got proof of you sniffing my worn panties as you jerked yourself off. You are fucking gross and fucking busted! It's all here on camera so unless you want to explain yourself to the boss before she fires you, you're going to learn some fucking respect for me - understand bitch? I'm gonna make your life hell from now on. You're going to drive me wherever I want to go. You're do all my work for me and I'm gonna get a nice big allowance to spend every month. You're going to call me Miss Lucie all the fucking time and I don't care who's around to hear you saying it. I'm going to boss you around and be a real brat to you and you're going to just mind your manners and suck it up or guess what - everyone sees the evidence. Do we have a deal sissy?
Lucie Jones
30/07/2019 - 8 minutes
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CruelBrats - I'm Your Office Bully - Panty Boy - #Blackmail