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Impaled Until You Confess You're A Faggot
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I'm gonna fuck you into a humiliating confession. If you admit to me that you'd be willing to suck a real cock - I'll stop pounding your ass with my big plastic cock. Confess to me that you're a sissy faggot who wants to suck real-man cock until they cum down your throat and 2 things will happen - 1. I'll finish off fucking your virgin ass and 2. Your wishes will come true! So what's it gonna be faggot? Are you gonna struggle on my big black dildo as I pound you over and over - ramming every inch of plastic cock into your ass or will you just confess that you want real gay cock in your mouth? Confess faggot - confess to me you want gay cock so I can watch you suck one for real!
Danni Maye
05/12/2018 - 8 minutes
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CruelBrats - Impaled Until You Confess You're A Faggot - #humiliation