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Lifelong Pity-gasms
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Boo-fucking-hoo loser. Has it finally sunk in that all you'll get for the rest of your life are self-inflicted pitygasms jerked out of your own loser-cock? I won't be fucking you - I won't be sucking you - I won't even be jerking you off. I'm going to be giving all those treats to my real man boss while you're left at home to cum into your own hand Haha! You can dream of being the guy who gets my perfect lips around his cock but you're never going to find out what that's like for real loser. Nope - all you get is to pay for the date, pay for the taxi and then wait for me to get home with an icky real-man cumload for you to swallow! It's so pathetic that your dream-girl treats you like this - fucking real men and rinsing your bank account while you're left to jerk-off to the humiliation of it all but that's all a beta wimp like you deserves.
07/04/2019 - 7 minutes
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