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Limpotized In Chastity
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I'm gonna make you permanently limpotent! Unable to jerk off, unable to fuck and unable to cum! Are you gonna cry? You should do because you are never having the ability to get hard ever again. I'm locking you into an extremely prolonged and restrictive period of chastity. I'm talking about locking your cock away for years not months. Caged away inside a small, tight chastity device with no room to grow and no way of removing it. Your balls will swell and turn dark blue and your cock will shrink through lack of use. It will become softer and, over time, will lose all ability to become erect. This process is irreversible. Once you have been limpotized you'll never be able to get an erection again. You'll still have all the feelings of arousal you've ever had - in fact even more so, but you'll have no ability to do anything about it. Your cock will drool precum, but you'll never be able to get hard or cum. The closest you'll get to an orgasm is from being fucked anally - you'll find some pleasure, but you'll be unable to climax. You'll be a perfect limpotized loser for life.
Daisy Dillon
07/02/2020 - 10 minutes
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