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Locked In Chastity, High On Poppers & Teased
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Poor loser - all locked up in your little device and desperate to cum. You know what would be so funny loser? If we made you take deep breaths from my little bottle of poppers - teased the fuck out of you and humiliated you until you were so desperate, you'd even take an emasculating sissygasm. You've been locked up for so long you can't even say no to me can you? You know all hope of any pleasure has to be authorised and supervised by me so you're going to do whatever I say. Pathetic little loser - put your nostril over the end of the bottle and inhale for 10 whole seconds loser - I want your nose bleeding and your head spinning. I want you so fucking confused you'll agree to anything just to earn that locked-up sissygasm. Take another breath loser.
Chloe Love
06/07/2019 - 7 minutes
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CruelBrats - Locked In Chastity, High On Poppers & Teased - #Poppers