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There's no way I would ever date a loser like you - even if you were seriously rich. If I wanted your money I could get it with a snap of my fingers. The thing is I just don't date the kind of beta jerk-off sissies that watch CruelBrats.com clips. I mean seriously - you actually get off on hot girls making fun of you, humiliating you and telling you all the mean stuff they'd like to do to you? If only you were just a regular guy who got off on normal stuff instead of a humili-porn addicted pussy. I'll tell you what - if you can actually watch this clip and stroke your cock without getting turned on while I totally verbally humiliate you - then I guess that would make you kinda normal and I could date you. Prove to me you're not a loser and jerk off while I tell you all the submissive things I'd make you do for me and my bratty girlfriends.
Becky Dee
24/02/2019 - 8 minutes
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