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Hot girls like me don't want beta white-boi cocks like yours - we want big black cocks. It's time you faced the humiliating truth, cuckold - you're never going to compare, you're never going to satisfy me and you're never going to deserve me. You are inferior to the black Alpha men girls like me want to fuck. Don't be sad cucky, there's always a place for white runts like you in our bedroom because y'know what's the MOST fun? Humiliating you right in front of my REAL MAN. I guess I could just make you stand next to your hung rival and make you endure an emasculating cock-comparison but I have something EVEN more humiliating for you. I'm going to FEMINIZE you. If you can't be man enough for a girl like me - you deserve to be shamed in panties and a little skirt. I'm going to make you sit in the corner and watch as my Alpha fucks me - your little princess! You're going to sit in your girly clothes as a superior black man fucks your girlfriend right in front of you. You're gonna be given a lesson on how a girl like me wants to be treated in the bedroom. It's going to be HUMILIATING for you cucky - but that's exactly what an inferior white wimp like you deserves! You're gonna have to watch his big black cock pleasing me. He's gonna feel so powerful and superior while you cower in the corner feeling sorry for yourself. We're gonna make you watch the whole thing cuckold!
Miss Maisie
24/03/2020 - 9 minutes
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