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Made To Wear Sissy Humiliation Panties
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You're a sissy! A pathetic, weak girly wannabe! You've become a wimpy effeminate beta-boy - a SISSY. So guess what sissy-boy. Sissies don't get to wear boy clothes - EVER! You're going to be made to pay the price of failing at being a boy. I'm going to make sissies like you wear the most humiliating girly panties EVERY fucking day! I want you wearing the frilliest pansy-panties at all times and I fucking mean it sissy! No boxers for you because you haven't earned that right - you have to wear panties - the prettiest, girly humiliation panties! That's right - I said humiliation panties because I want them to be so fucking humiliating for you to wear them. I want you to feel the layers and layers of ruffles on them all day long. I want you to feel anxious that people can see that you're wearing girl's panties. I want you to know it would be totally humiliating if you were to be caught wearing them. This is what a sissy like you deserves for not being manly enough. I'm gonna make sure every pair of panties is ultra feminine - pinks, with pretty ribbons and satin bows. As girly as you can imagine - you're going to feel so ashamed of yourself sissy and I can't wait for you to model all the panties I've picked out for you in front of all my bratty girlfriends!
Maxie Rhoads
01/02/2020 - 9 minutes
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CruelBrats - Made To Wear Sissy Humiliation Panties - #Feminization