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Manipulating You Into Sucking Cock For Me
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Forcing 'so called' straight guys to take cock for me gives me such a kick - literally forcing you to be gay. Manipulating you into thinking that by submitting to cock you'll have a chance of getting with me. Like I would ever date a cock-sucking faggot! I know you're exactly the kind of wimp who would suck cock for me. Girls like me can just tell. I can see how inferior you feel - how far out of your league you know I am, so I know you'd risk everything for a chance with me. If I flirted with you, played with my hair, teased you with my perfect body and whispered into your ear that I'd love to watch you suck a cock for me, you'd agree, wouldn't you faggot? It'll be too late to change your mind when I've taken you to my room to meet the guy who's cock you're gonna suck. I'll lock the door, I'll tell you to strip and order you to your knees. You're going to feel so ashamed of yourself faggot. Kneeling before a real man waiting for me to force you to suck his cock. You're gonna feel my hand on the back of your head and gently push you towards his big hard cock. Then as soon as you open your mouth to start sucking him - you're gonna hear me laughing at you. You're going to hear me calling you a faggot and instructing you to suck him harder and make him cum. I'm going to humiliate you gay-boy. And I'll tell you that you'll never get to be with me - I don't fuck faggots!
Kitty K
14/02/2020 - 9 minutes
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CruelBrats - Manipulating You Into Sucking Cock For Me - #ForcedBi