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Most Definitely A Cuckold
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Yes, you're most definitely a cuckold - in fact, I've been cheating on you since we started dating! I've fucked so many men behind your back too cuckold. I fucked more than one of your best friends. I've sucked your work rivals' cock on your own desk. I know how much you hate him, so I let him cum in my mouth! We always laugh about that at ever office party and how you have no fucking idea that you're a pathetic cuckold. I've been fucking your boss too cuckold - I even send him hot little selfies to his phone when I know he's in a meeting with you. And of course, we have some seriously hot neighbours too. As soon as you leave for work, the guy next door has his hands down my panties. Everyone knows you're a cuckold - my friends, your friends, the people you work with - everyone knows your precious little princess cheats on you, and everyone is laughing at you cuckold! Do you know what else they all know cucky? They know that after I've told you about all the men that are fucking me, you're not gonna do a single thing about it. You don't want to lose me, so you'll stand by and let everyone else fuck me. Everyone EXCEPT you! If you're not man enough to stand up to me - you're not man enough to fuck me either.
Lucky Luxe
04/04/2020 - 10 minutes
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