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My Brat Gang Are Gonna Totally Humiliate You
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My bratty girlfriends from school, the mean popular girls are heading out for drinks tonight and you get to come too loser. You can join us so that we can ignore you, abuse you and laugh at you, until we destroy you all over again and put you completely back in your loser place where you belong. You need a reminder of your status - your level in the pecking order and me and my snobby girlfriends are gonna make sure you know where you belong. We're gonna humiliate the fuck out of you loser. We'll call you the worst names, make you do the most humiliating things for us - we'll rinse you and degrade you and then send you back to wifey - a broken fucking mess.
Danni Maye
20/09/2019 - 8 minutes
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CruelBrats - My Brat Gang Are Gonna Totally Humiliate You - #Humiliation