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My Tits Will Make You Eat Cum
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You're gonna eat your cum for me - or more to the point - you're gonna eat your cum for by big fake tits. Lucky you right? I'm letting you stare at my perfect tits as you jerk off - they are perfect aren't they loser? Too perfect for someone like you. Girls like me don't just let rejects like you jerk off to our amazing bodies without some payback. So if you want to cum - you're gonna have to eat it. That's the deal. I'll keep teasing you with my hot young body and allow you to worship my incredible tits as you hump your own hand... but you will have to catch and swallow every drop of cum. You love my tits don't you? You want to be allowed to jerk off to them right? So that means you'll eat your cum for me too. Y'know it’s only because you're a loser that you have to do this. Real men get to jerk off right onto my tits. Real men get to bury their cocks into my cleavage and blow their loads all over them - but not you. Never ever you loser. The best you get is to jerk off to me making fun of you and forcing you to gulp down your own cum after your pathetic humili-gasm.
Maxie Rhoads
17/03/2020 - 11 minutes
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CruelBrats - My Tits Will Make You Eat Cum - #CumEatingInstruction