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Owned By The Babysitter
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It was great to babysit for you and your wife last weekend - I assume you both had such an amazing time at the theatre - yawn! Y'know you have such a beautiful home - I really enjoyed having the chance to explore while you and your wife were out for the evening. I especially enjoyed finding that secret stash of femdom porn you have - I assume it was yours because it was tucked away with parcels addressed to you - parcels containing panties, butt-plugs and all kinds of weird fetish stuff. I guess wifey doesn't know anything about all this huh? I guess hubby wants to keep it a secret forever right? Well I suppose I don’t 'have' to tell her - if there was something in it for me. Maybe if you enjoy all that femdom stuff so much you won't mind being fucked over by me? Why don't you get that plug in your ass and pull the panties on and we can talk about how you're going to be my personal bitch. If I need you to run errands for me, drive me to my boyfriend's place, pick us up from the clubs, buy me cute things to wear - and just give me spending money whenever I want - that's what it's gonna take to keep your little secret safe.
Lucie Jones
05/09/2019 - 8 minutes
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