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Pantied And Made To Cum In Shame
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What kind of sissy jerks off in girlie pink panties huh? You even love being humiliated and laughed at by hot girls like me while you’re trying to get off don't-cha? You can't even get off to the thought of fucking a hot girl like me, can you? It’s so fucking pathetic. Without pretty girls making fun of you as you hump your hand-pussy, you simply can't cum. It's so fucking funny - I actually love it that we've done this to you. Hot girls rejecting you, humiliating you, calling you names and making you wear panties has finally ruined your sex-life forever. You got what you deserve, sissy. At least when we're humiliating you you're getting a tiny piece of attention from us - If we weren't being mean to you it would be like you didn't even exist to us. You've been laughed at and humiliated by girls like me for so long it's the only way you can get off now - how fucking pathetic! Jerk yourself off panty-boy - imagine you're right in front of me dressed in your girly panties as I command you to rub your icky pee-pee. So pathetic - you should feel so ashamed of yourself right now. Hot bratty girls like me have taken away your ability to cum like a normal guy and so all you get is our humiliation to pleasure yourself with. This is what we wanted for you all along sissy - to feel emasculated and ashamed of yourself. I want you to cum in your pansy-panties while I call you names over and over again! Go on sissy - cum in shame! SISSY!! PANSY! FAGGOT!! LOSER!!!
Maxie Rhoads
15/11/2019 - 9 minutes
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CruelBrats - Pantied And Made To Cum In Shame - #Feminization