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Pantied And Made To Suck Our Boyfriends
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Getting you into panties was the hard part, sissy - everything else is gonna be so easy now. And when I say it was the hard part - it wasn't even all that hard was it? I mean you didn't exactly put up much of a fight. As soon as I dangled my frilly, lace-trimmed PINK panties under your nose I could see your icky pee-pee getting hard! Eugh! You looked so fucking embarrassed wiggling them up your legs - it took everything I had not to laugh is your stupid, gullible, shame-red face! Then I made you pose for me - I even told you the photos would be used as blackmail - I guess you thought I was joking - but no sissy - I was DEFINITELY not joking! Now I've got photos of you wearing girly foo-foo panties - POSING in panties - I can make you do anything I want. Everything becomes easy because you will do anything to keep these photos a secret. So when I tell you to wear your panties to your humiliating - FORCED-FAGGOT initiation, you're going to do just that aren't you sissy. You're gonna wear your panties when my girlfriends come over tonight so we can ALL make fun of you. I want them all to see you mincing around and posing for us in those cute princess-panties. And then, when our boyfriends come over at the end of the night - we're going to make you suck their cocks. Dressed in your humiliation panties you're gonna be made to suck cock for us and there's nothing you can do about it!
Kitty K
13/07/2019 - 10 minutes
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CruelBrats - Pantied And Made To Suck Our Boyfriends - #ForcedBi