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Plugged, Dressed In Pink And Made To Eat Cum
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Jerking off involves much more for sissies than it does for regular guys. You don't just get to stroke you cock to hot girls and cum a huge load however you like. Jerking off for sissies is about self-pleasure - in fact it's the opposite. Sissies jerk-off as part of a humiliation ritual. You need to earn your sissygasm by suffering ridicule from your superiors. You need to feel ashamed of yourself, embarrassed, teased and made fun of. For todays humili-gasm, you'll dress up in pink panties and plug your sissy hole. You're going to fill yourself up with a nice big plug because sissies need to feel full of cock while they're jerking off. You need to wear pink panties - just like a real girl because sissies need to feel pathetic and vulnerable. Can you imagine getting caught like this sissy - your ass all plugged up and your little limp cock tucked inside a pair of pink frilly panties. Feeling humiliated sissy? Feeling ashamed enough to cum while I spit insults at you? Remember the rules sissy - if you want to cum, you have to eat up all of your mess.
Dana USA
22/10/2019 - 11 minutes
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CruelBrats - Plugged, Dressed In Pink And Made To Eat Cum - #CumEatingInstruction