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Rejected And Cock-Locked
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No loser, I'm not going to date you. It's kinda insulting you actually thought my short, tight mini-dress was for your benefit. Na-ah loser - this cute little outfit is for other guys. What IS for you is this little chastity device. I'm going to lock your little cock up and tuck the cage inside your sissy-pink panties and you can sit in the corner feeling totally humiliated as I fuck guys right in front of you. That's right loser - I'm going to make you watch EVERYONE fuck me. Everyone - except you. You're going to be the ONLY guy that gets sexually rejected tonight. You're the only guy that's going to be kneeling in the corner, in panties, with his cock locked in chastity. I'm going to make sure all the guys can see how I treat you. I want the, all to know you're just a cuckold - and that I don't feel even a little bit sad for you. Don't even think that when all the guys have gone you'll be unlocked - you're going to be staying in that cage for a very long time.
Dana USA
05/10/2019 - 10 minutes
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CruelBrats - Rejected And Cock-Locked - #Chastity