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Repeat After Me - I'm A Cuckold Coward
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Say it out loud as you jerk off loser. Repeat it over and over again "I'm a cuckold coward". I want you to admit that you are a cuckold coward - an inferior beta wimp who will never be good enough to satisfy a hot Alpha princess like me. Go on say it loser - because that's exactly what you are - a cuckold coward. I'm going to make you say it to all the real men I bring home to fuck on our bed. You're going to admit to me and my fuck-toy that you're just a pathetic cuckold coward. I want to hear him laugh at you before he fucks me. You're going to watch your manners and say nothing as he grabs my perfect tits, slaps my hot little ass and fucks me like you will never EVER be allowed to. Keep repeating it loser - out loud while you jerk off. I want you to feel the humiliation when you cum - the shame of having to accept you'll never be man enough for me. All I want to do is make fun of you, spit insults at you and shame you for being such a cuckold loser. So keep calling yourself a cuckold coward as you worship the hot girl you'll never get to fuck.
Kitty K
12/09/2019 - 11 minutes
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CruelBrats - Repeat After Me - I'm A Cuckold Coward - #Cuckold