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Ridiculed By A Cuckysitter Brat
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So your girlfriend asked me to cucksit for you while she went out on another date - so fucking humiliating for you right? Did you see what she was... or rather wasn't wearing tonight? She must REALLY like tonight's guy, huh? Her outfit literally screamed fuck-me! OMG that guy is in for a real treat. I'd bet he gets his cock sucked and his balls drained in the taxi! They're gonna have so much fun tonight cuckold. You, on the other hand, won't be having much fun at all. Na-ah no fun for you cuckold - you're going to be bullied by your bratty cuckysitter all night long. I'm here to make sure you're totally humiliated for what you are - a cuckold. And y'know where we're gonna start? How about that little cock-cage she has you locked away inside? Haha I already know you're wearing one - your girlfriend told me. She told me it's what humiliates you the most so I guess that means you need to show it to me so I can make fun of you - go on cuckold - let me see that tiny cock-cage of yours!.. HAHA! she's right! Look how fucking embarrassed you are! No wonder she is always cheating on you - what can a girl do with a cock all locked up in chastity like that? OMG I'm gonna have so much fun humiliating you for this tonight cuckold! What sort of loser has to wear a chastity device? Does she keep you locked because your cock is too small? Does she tease you in it? Does she make you show her girlfriend? Does she make you show her real men hahaha! I have so many questions and I'm gonna make you answer every humiliating one of them, you pathetic cock-locked cuckold.
Lucky Luxe
17/12/2019 - 11 minutes
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CruelBrats - Ridiculed By A Cuckysitter Brat - #Cuckold