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Rinsed At The Mall
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I know how much you love being bossed around by hot bratty girls. You're so weak for my mean-girls attitude - you literally love the way I sneer at you with that look of disgust on my face. You know that you'll never be able to actually date me - but it doesn't stop you trying to impress me does it? You dream of being able to spoil me - handing over your cash to me and treating me to expensive presents - knowing you're going to get nothing from me. I'm gonna take you to the mall with me and we're going to go shopping. I'm gonna lock your pointless cock up in it’s chastity cage so you won't be getting any little boners while I'm trying on cute date-night outfits and pool-party bikinis. You're gonna carry the bags as I lead you from store to store - bossing you around and making me fetch different colours and styles to bring to the changing rooms for me. When I like something, I'm gonna order you to 'Pay the lady' and you'll hand the pretty sales-girl your card like a good little piggie. I want EVERYONE to see the way I'm treating you - I want everyone to know I'm not your girlfriend - just a hot brat you're totally addicted to who's rinsing you!
10/08/2019 - 9 minutes
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CruelBrats - Rinsed At The Mall - #Findom