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Self-facial For Snapchat
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My girlfriends are always trying to out-do each other on snapchat. Danni sent us a picture of some weakling licking her shoes clean right in the middle of the mall. Chloe sent us all a picture of a loser wearing a bra and panties with 'faggot' written on his forehead in permanent marker. It's my turn next and I really want to impress everyone by making you do something totally humiliating. So, I'm gonna film you jerking off into your own mouth. Eugh it's so gross - the girls are gonna love it! You can start by getting yourself into the self-facial position - legs over your head and start jerking yourself off. You'll probably cum just from me standing here pointing my camera at you and telling you what a cum-faggot you are. Then, right after you've squirted your load into your mouth and gulped it all down - I'm gonna send it to all the girls!
Lucie Jones
17/08/2019 - 8 minutes
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CruelBrats - Self-facial For Snapchat - #CumEatingInstruction