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Sissies Have To Slurp Up Their Sissygasms
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Consider your little jerk-off stick gone sissy. You lost the right to jerk off like a real man when you wiggled your hips into your first pair of panties. You're a sissy and you don't get to jerk off like a boy ever again - your ONLY route to sexual pleasure is from penetrating your pussy. Aw I know it’s hard to accept but your failure to step up and be a man has consequences sissy - and one of them is no more real-man cummies. I'm gonna make you stretch out your sissy-pussy and cum like a girl and I'm gonna make fun of you, laugh at you and call you out for being the pansy who has to cum from being fucked in the ass! I'm going to humiliate you until you can't take it any more and sissygasm all over your own face. That's what you deserve - a face full of cum from being humiliated and made to take it in the ass. Don't think it ends there sissy. Whilst real men are done when they've cum - sissies have one final humiliating task left. Sissies have to swallow their icky slime. It's not optional, sissy, lick up your mess and gulp it down - you're not done until every last drop of your sissygasm is in your belly. Slurp it all up right now sissy!
31/03/2019 - 11 minutes
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CruelBrats - Sissies Have To Slurp Up Their Sissygasms - #CumEatingInstruction