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Sissies Never EVER Get Girls 2
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Your leaky precum dripping from your chastity cage is as close to cumming as you're ever going to get loser. That's what you deserve for being an inferior beta jerkaholic. Pumping your hand-pussy to beautiful girls like me humiliating you. Hot girls like me do not want losers like you stroking their cocks to our videos and photos - which is why you'll be spending the rest of your life locked in chastity. Once the lock snaps shut on your little cock-cage you'll never get to cum properly ever again. The closest you'll get is drooling precum from the hole in the end. Teased drools of icky precum from the sight of pretty girls with perfect bodies in our cute little outfits making you feel desperate and frustrated. I'm never letting you out - not for any reason or for any amount of money. There's going to be release for good behaviour - once I've locked you into chastity, you're staying locked in chastity. And I'll make sure it's fucking torture for you. I'll expose you to so many girls with perfect asses and huge tits in short tight outfits teasing you with what you'll never get. I want you to hear them laughing at you and humiliating you for getting yourself into this pathetic predicament. I want you to suffer every moment in this chastity device for the rest of your miserable life.
18/02/2020 - 10 minutes
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CruelBrats - Sissies Never EVER Get Girls 2 - #chastity