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Sissies Never EVER Get Girls
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I know you how much you would love to date a girl like me. Being a sissy doesn't mean you're gay after all. You dream of being able to be with a beautiful woman who will understand your feminine side. Sissy, that's NEVER gonna happen for you. Sissies don't deserve to be with girls like me - you serve girls like me. We'll never see you as our equal - you're an inferior - you're a failure as a man who wants to wear girly clothes and be laughed at by pretty girls like me. I'm right, pansy. You will never get a girl because your life will be devoted to serving an entertaining me. I'll humiliate you, and boss you around and make fun of you but I'll never ever date you, panty-boy. All you're good for is making me laugh, cleaning my house in your pretty maids' uniform and running errands for me. You need to give up any idea of having a girlfriend right now sissy because sissies don't get girls. If you're lucky, maybe one day I'll let you have a boyfriend instead!
07/09/2019 - 11 minutes
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CruelBrats - Sissies Never EVER Get Girls - #sissy