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Sissy Cheerleader - Teamfucked
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OMG Look at you! You're wearing my panties, my bras and MY CHEARLEADING UNIFORM! Like what the actual fuck? You're such a faggot! Is this what you get up to while I'm out? You pretend to be one of the cheerleading practice girls? Well, missy, do you know the cheerleaders fuck the football jocks? Uh-huh sissy, even your hot girlfriend dresses up in that same cute little uniform to get fucked by my big Alpha football studs. So, with you wanting to be a cheerleader so much - I guess that kinda means I should be the jock football player, right? You can twirl around in that pretty uniform while I buckle up on a big strap-on before I bed you over and fuck you like the slut you obviously want to be. You're going to take a serious fucking - like I just did before I caught you pom-pom'ing around in MY uniform. I'm going to totally emasculate you sissy and teach you not to steal my clothes! If I ever catch you again I'll invite the real football team over!
Lucie Jones
18/02/2019 - 8 minutes
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CruelBrats - Sissy Cheerleader - Teamfucked - #ForcedBi