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Sissy Dress-up Dare
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What time is she due home sissy? Your wife? Your room-mate? Your girlfriends. I don't care who she is so long as you know what time she's due back. If your wife has gone shopping, you've invited a work colleague over, or your girlfriend is out with the girls - it doesn't matter but you need to know what time she's expected to return. This is because if she's due back at 9pm - I want you fully feminized and posing for your selfie at 8:55pm! That's FULLY feminized! You're gonna be dressed in full lingerie - panties, bra, stockings and suspenders. You're going to be wearing your favourite sissy dress - your maids uniform, your schoolgirl uniform, that over-the-top sissy foo-foo dress. Put it on, zip it up and lace yourself in nice and tight before stepping into your highest heels. Now lock yourself in sissy. I know all your pretty shoes and all your girly dresses are lockable - so padlock yourself into your sissy-trap. We're not done sissy. Put on a wig and fix your makeup. Lashes, lipstick and blusher - you've got to look pretty for your selfie right? Look at yourself - you look fucking ridiculous don't you. Can you imagine what she'd say if she see's you like this sissy - all dressed up and locked into your humiliation outfit? What if she comes home early? You're going to wait until 5 minutes before she's due back before taking a selfie and then you're gonna send it to me - only then are you allowed to take off your sissy clothes... let's hope she doesn' catch you huh pansy-boy?
Kitty K
01/10/2019 - 10 minutes
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CruelBrats - Sissy Dress-up Dare - #Feminization