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Sissy Education At The Gloryhole
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It's not important whether you enjoy being made to suck cock or not but it's important you understand that it's a service sissies like you are expected to perform. I don't care if you enjoy it or not and neither will the men who will use your sissy mouth but the sooner you learn to accept how you're to be used the easier it will be for you. To break you into to your new life of emasculation and humiliation as quickly as possible - you will be taken to a glory hole, for faggot reprogramming. I take you completely feminized in the most degrading whorish outfit and you'll be forced down onto your knees in the cum-soaked cock-sucking booth. Your poor helpless, painted mouth will be O'gagged open and held in place less than an inch away from the cock-hole that men will push their anonymous cocks through. There will be no escaping the endless delivery of cocks that push through the filthy glory-hole and into your poor untrained sissy mouth. This is how you learn to accept your new life sissy. This is the lesson you need in order to understand you're just an object for real men's sexual pleasure. You'll gag at and resist the cocks at first - but trust me, you will submit to the humiliation of sucking another man's cock. You'll have to sissy - because you're going to be left like this hour hours - maybe days but eventually you'll be freed - with cum filling your belly and splashed all over your face.
04/02/2020 - 9 minutes
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CruelBrats - Sissy Education At The Gloryhole - #ForcedBi