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Sissy Maid To The Sorority Brats
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Me and the girls need a maid-servant or something to keep our sorority house clean and tidy and I think that should be you. I mean how the fuck could you refuse after I caught you in my fucking panties right? With your icky DNA all over my panties you'll do whatever I tell you and seeing as we need a maid around here - that kinda means you'll be our sorority sissy maid doesn't it? Aw don't be ashamed of the job title, sissy maid... it's actually the uniform we've chosen for you that you should really feel ashamed about! Haha! The girls had no idea I'd make a boy become our maid, so they have picked out the cutest, most feminine frilly foo-foo maid uniform. If I didn't know you actually get off on wearing girly clothes, I'd feel sorry for you. So we're gonna expect you to come over here every single day and tidy up after all of us. Make our beds, fold and press our clothes, pick up all our boyfriends used condoms and make sure the whole sorority house is spotless! And whenever you're here, slaving away for us, you'll be wearing your pretty sissy-maid uniform. In fact, I want you to wear heels and a wig too. I better warn you that some of my girlfriends can be really mean. They'll definitely make fun of you; call you humiliating names and make you curtsey just for fun. They'll probably even make EXTRA mess just so they can punish you for not cleaning it all up properly. It's gonna be so embarrassing for you sissy - but I know you're the right girl for the job! It's not like you have any choice anyway!
Miss Maisie
19/11/2019 - 11 minutes
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CruelBrats - Sissy Maid To The Sorority Brats - #Feminization