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Sissygasm All Over Your Own Face
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Your cock aimed right at your mouth - a dildo fucking your faggot ass - this is the only way you get to cum from now on sissy. I'm going to train you into becoming a sperm-addicted cumslut. You'll jerk-off just like a slut and you'll cum just like a slut and then you'll drink every drop - just like a fucking slut would! I'm gonna make you keep your mouth wide open, so we get as much of your beta-sperm down your throat as possible. I'm going to sit right here and supervise your emasculating facial. Take your dildo and start fucking yourself while I make fun of you for having to cum like a bitch. I'm going to watch and laugh at you as you desperately pump your ass with a dildo to get yourself off. How fucking pathetic are you? Do you think a real man has to cum like this? No - real men don't fuck their own ass with their cock's pointing into their mouths ready to blow their loads over their own faces. Real men cum on girls faces - not their own! You're going to hear me laughing and calling you names when you start to cum and then you'll feel you own load splashing all over your face and dripping down into your mouth. You'd better swallow every fucking drop faggot!
Daisy Dillon
01/03/2019 - 9 minutes
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CruelBrats - Sissygasm All Over Your Own Face - #Sissygasm