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Snobby Brat Turns You Into The Party Sissy Maid
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Maid I'm having a girls night party this evening and you're going to be our little serving maid! I've got the perfect sissy uniform ready for you and you WILL wear it and you WILL serve me and my snobby girlfriends or I'm gonna tell everyone you like to wear girl's clothes and prance around like a total sissy. There's no escape - either you play maid for us or we’re gonna EXPOSE you sissy! We're gonna boss you around all night and make fun of you in your sissy maid uniform as you work extra hard trying to keep all my bratty girlfriends happy. We’re gonna have so much fun humiliating you all night!
Danni King
25/11/2018 - 8 minutes
foot slave training
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CruelBrats - Snobby Brat Turns You Into The Party Sissy Maid - #feminization