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Spring Break Sissy Maid
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Me and my girlfriends and I are heading off on vay-cay for spring break and the good news for you is we're gonna need a tidy-up sissy-maid to stay with us at the condo. You'll be dressed in a cute little maids' uniform, with frilly panties, stockings and heels. We'll give sissy-pink nails and long eyelashes - just like a REAL bimbo-maid. You're going to look SO fucking ridiculous and there's no way you'll be able to escape your uniform all vacation. We're going to padlock you into your dress and heels and leave you collared and chained to a hook in the middle of the condo. You'll be able to wiggle around, cleaning up after us every day while we have fun by the pool or at the beach. You'll suffer through your chores with a huge buttplug stuffed into your sissy-hole knowing we're having an awesome time. When we're getting ready to party in the evenings, you will serve us – like a good little sissy-maid - pouring our drinks, painting our nails and helping with our cute outfits. Of course, you're gonna feel totally embarrassed - dressed in such a girly uniform, being oh-so servile in front of all my hot girlfriends – and OMG they're gonna be mean to you sissy! You're gonna spend the whole vacation getting humiliated, laughed at and bullied by all the girls!
Daisy Dillon
01/04/2019 - 8 minutes
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CruelBrats - Spring Break Sissy Maid - #Sissy