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Suck Cock For The Prom Queen
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Aw does the wussyboy have a crush on the prom queen? Let's just say you're addicted to me because 'obsessed' just sounds too creepy. Don't worry loser - you're not the only one - I have so many admirers I've literally lost count. Weaklings like you just can't help putting hot popular girls like me on a pedestal and worshipping our unobtainable beauty. It's kinda pathetic really. It's really pathetic actually but it does mean I can fuck with you. Because you love me so much I can make you do anything I say and guess what I love making you worship drones do more than anything...? Suck cock! Yes sissy - you can forget ever being with me but just to amuse me you'll sock a cock wont you. Just for the opportunity of hearing my cute girlish giggle - you'll do it. You'll become a cum-swallowing faggot for my entertainment. Maybe I'll make you suck one of my other fanboys or maybe my best-gay-friend – it doesn't matter who it is you'll still suck his cock if I told you too - you want to suck cock for the prom queen dontcha faggot?
14/09/2019 - 8 minutes
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CruelBrats - Suck Cock For The Prom Queen - #ForcedBi