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Suck Cock In Front Of All My Girlfriends
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I'm gonna make you suck cock in front of all my girlfriends. I'm going to dress you up like a cheerleader, put you in a tiny cheer skirt and knee socks and a cute wig on your head with long bunches. You're going to look so cute and girly. Then you're going to kneel in the middle of the room while we all stand around you and we're going to make you suck cock. We know you'd rather we looked at you in the same way we look at our alpha boyfriends. We know it's going to totally humiliate you doing this in front of the girls you drool over every day but we're not going to give you the choice. You're gonna suck cock and we're all gonna laugh at you!
Chloe Love
28/12/2018 - 8 minutes
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