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Have you ever been beaten up by a group of girls loser? Well that's exactly what you've got coming. And to make it worse - we're going to record it and upload it to the internet so that everyone can see what a wussy you are. Pinned down and beaten up by bratty girls - everyone laughing at you and cheering us on. How fucking humiliating will that be for you huh? We're going to hold you and kick you in the balls, stamp on you, spit on you and bitch-slap you over and over again until you're crying and we'll get every second on video. Begging us to stop like a total pussy! Do you want to be beaten like a bitch? Or would you prefer to suck cock like a bitch? If you’re too scared to be beaten up by the girls, maybe you'd prefer to suck one of our boyfriends cocks instead - we promise not to beat you up if you make him cum faggot... so what's it gonna be - beaten to a pulp by me and my girlfriends or submit to my boyfriends big cock?
Lucie Jones
24/09/2019 - 8 minutes
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CruelBrats - Suck Cock Or We'll Beat You Up - #ForcedBi