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Teased And Teased Until You Eat Your Cum
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I know you're just a sucker for hot girls like me aren't you? All I've got to do is play with my hair a little, giggle and flirt and tease you with my perfectly toned body and you'll do anything I say. You live to make girls like me happy don't you loser? Whether that means buying my attention with gifts and cash, showering me with compliments or doing things for me. You like being useful to hot, bratty girls don't you loser? So I wonder how much coercion it's gonna take to make you eat your own cum for me today? Can you prove to me how much you love my gorgeous body and my pretty face by eating your own cum for me? Maybe if I just teased you and teased you and teased you over and over again - showing off my sexy young body in this hot little outfit - maybe that would be enough to make you do it. The thing is - I know you're gonna do it because you're a sucker. You're going to do it because I tell you to and because you don't have a choice. If a hot girl like me tells you to eat cum - you're going to eat cum right? If it makes it easier for you to be a cum-drinking faggot you can always slurp up your cum while watching me tease the fuck out of you in my cute little outfit. Eat cum for your bratty tease goddess.
Kitty K
27/08/2019 - 10 minutes
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CruelBrats - Teased And Teased Until You Eat Your Cum - #CumEatingInstruction