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Teased In Chastity
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What happens to a desperate loser like you when a Cruel Brat like Terri Lou locks your horny little cock into a chastity device? Listen to me giggle as I click the padlock shut and torment you with the helpless situation you've found yourself in. You're lying under the perfect, toned body of the most beautiful girl you could ever hope to be with and your poor cock is caged away and totally unable to get hard. You could be locked up like that for days, weeks, maybe even years! Only I decide if you ever get to use your cock again. Until then I'm going to make you suffer inside that device! Just look at me loser. You're going to be so desperate to get out of that device, to touch your pathetic hard cock but it's just not going to happen! I'm going to tease you and tease you with my gorgeous body and perfect tits while you squirm unable to enjoy a single bit of pleasure. I LOVE the look of despair on your face - you're totally helpless. You're going to stay frustrated, teased and denied for a VERY long time. But tonight, I'm going to leave you there, tied up with your poor little cock crying tears of precum, while I head out to fuck a real man whose cock isn’t locked in a cage!
Terri Lou
09/11/2019 - 8 minutes
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