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Thank Your Bully For Helping Me Cuckold You
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So, I was at the club last night with the girls and we saw those guys that always used to bully you - I can see why - they are ALL so hot and muscular and you're so feeble and weak. The guy that used to bully you the most was hitting on me - we danced, made out and I went back to his place to fuck. OMG his cock was so big! I told him all about you and your tiny limp-dick and that I love to humiliate you and he was really up for helping me and bullying you all over again. Y'know what you should do cucky? You should probably call him right now and thank him for giving me such a good time last night. Thank him for bullying you and making you the perfect cuckold material for your hot cheating girlfriend. Thank him for having a cock so much bigger than yours.
Danni Maye
17/03/2019 - 8 minutes
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CruelBrats - Thank Your Bully For Helping Me Cuckold You - #ForcedBi