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Thanks For The Tits - REJECTED
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I have the perfect dream-girl body - all thanks to you. I have a tiny waist, big fake tits, a cute little ass. I'm so fucking pretty and have gorgeous long dark hair. I'm so fucking perfect - and you have funded every bit of it. It must be like having your own personal barbie doll huh? I mean thanks and everything, I guess, but a loser like you really doesn't deserve a girl that looks this fucking good. Now that I've got everything I want from you it's rejection time for you. You won't be getting to see the tits you paid so much for, but I know my new boyfriend is gonna love them. I kinda feel sorry for you, I mean you spent all that money on these tits and you'll never ever get to see them or touch them - but my new man will - he's gonna have a lot of fun with them. Maybe I'll let you jerk off just once while I tease you with them - your one tiny, pathetic opportunity to get something out of all that money you spent. Make the most of it loser because if you want to do this again - I'm gonna make you ask my boyfriend for permission. Jerk off to the tits you paid for but will never ever get to see.
Maxie Rhoads
18/01/2020 - 10 minutes
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CruelBrats - Thanks For The Tits - REJECTED - #Rejection