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So why do you think you're still a virgin huh? Because you're disgusting to look at? Because you're a wimp? Because you're a nerd and you look like a fucking nerd? Because pretty girls intimidate you - make you stutter and stammer like a frightened little weakling? - You're a pathetic, trembling mess whenever a hot girl even talks to you - you're a joke. Girls like us laugh at ugly, nerdy wimps like you - imagine how hilarious we find it when you actually try to talk to us! Haha! No, I think you're a virgin because you know that your puny little cock would get the biggest laugh of all. Can you imagine how hurtful a bratty mean-girl like me can be to a small-dicked loser like you? Your useless tiny virgin cock is the reason you've never had sex and you never will - NEVER EVER! Your cock is never going to know what it feels like to be inside a girl. Poor virgin wimp. Once I've told all my girlfriends and blasted your small-cock story all over the internet - not even the ugly girls will want to fuck you! You'll stay a virgin forever!
Daisy Dillon
06/08/2019 - 9 minutes
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