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Tonight at 9pm you're going to be sucking on cock - for real faggot. You're going to be sucking a real man's cock. My girlfriends and I are going to MAKE you do it. We're going to hold you down so you can't do anything about it and a man is gonna push his cock into your mouth. All the girls are going to be pointing their phones at your face and recording every second of you being gay so we'll always be able to hold it over your head. We're doing this to you because we want to blackmail you. You're going to be made to suck cock just so that we can terrorise you with the possibility of exposure. What will mommy and daddy say if they saw you with a cock balls-deep down your throat? What would you friends and co-workers say huh? You'll have to do everything we say if you don't want everyone to see you sucking cock. Besides the fact you're going to be blackmailed forever - you'll also have to live with the fact you're gay now. You're gay forever. Once you've had another mans cock in your mouth you'll never be able to call yourself straight. Me and my girlfriends did that to you faggot. You're gay now - a blackmailed, cocksucking faggot!
Dana USA
05/11/2019 - 10 minutes
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CruelBrats - We're Gonna Make You Suck Cock - #ForcedBi