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Where There's A Will
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Now that you've changed your will to make me the sole beneficiary of your entire estate - all I have to do is tease you to a premature heart-attack and I can start spending all that money. You don't stand a fucking chance old man. My perfect body, half your age, teasing and tormenting you over and over - showing you my perfect cleavage, lap-dancing my hot little ass into you is all gonna be too much for you to take. I'll leave you helplessly tied to the bed as I straddle you - giving you the perfect view of what you'll never have. I'm gonna tell you all the details of how I'm gonna spend your money when I’m gone - how I'll blow what was your family's inheritance. You'll get more and more angry with me - grinding my porn-star body on top of you, leaving my huge tits an inch from your face - so close. I'll laugh at you struggling to touch them - you're getting so worked up. Then - when I know you won't be able to take it - I'll tell you all about the guys I've been fucking instead of you. I'm going to rub your nose in it and I'm not going to stop until your old heart gives up - and then all your money will be mine!
Alexis Reed
09/06/2019 - 10 minutes
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CruelBrats - Where There's A Will - #Findom