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You Only Get To Cum In Sissy Clothes
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The most important thing a sissy needs to understand is that you don't get to cum like real men get to cum. Sissies ONLY get to cum when they've been TOTALLY feminized. That doesn't mean you can just slip into a pair of emasculation panties and jerk your little limpy until you fill them with sissy-cummies. No-way girlyboy. If you're desperate to cum you're going to have to be FULLY feminized. You'll make sure your body is silky smooth. You'll wear the prettiest lingerie. You'll fix your makeup flawlessly and you'll put on your most humiliating sissy-gasm outfit. You'll choose a highly effeminate, submissive uniform - a sissy maid uniform, a cheerleader uniform or a schoolgirl. Finally, you'll step into your tallest heels and fix a long blonde wig on your head. You're going to look SO girly! Every time you want to sissy-gasm you will have to spend HOURS preparing yourself and then I want you to take a selfie to share on twitter telling everyone how excited you are to sissy-gasm. Are you ready now sissy? Are you dressed up like a girl and ready to fuck your own ass until you cum? OK sissy - it's time to cum just like a girl. That's the ONLY way you get to cum now sissy!
Kitty K
06/12/2019 - 10 minutes
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CruelBrats - You Only Get To Cum In Sissy Clothes - #Feminization