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You Want My Tits But You Deserve Feet
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Look at my incredible body drool-boy. I'm your dream girl, aren't I? Tiny waist, big tits, perfect ass, pretty face and long dark hair. I'm your fantasy - especially my tits right? You love my big tits and perfect cleavage more than anything. I don't blame you loser - they are amazing! But losers like you don't deserve to jerk off to perfect tits like mine. My tits are reserved for real men only. Losers like you only deserve feet. I know how desperate you are to worship my tits but you're going to stay right down there at my feet. The only view you're gonna get of my tits is from under the soles of my goddess feet. You're gonna lick my feet like the tit-denied loser you are. You can dream of being allowed up to worship my boobs as you obediently service my cute arches and dainty toes but it's never gonna happen loser. Your place is on the floor - with my feet smothering your humiliated face. I might even invite my real man boyfriend over just so he can grope my big tits while you slave away on my feet. How jealous will you be loser - another man playing with the tits you crave so much while you're demoted to the dirty floor with my feet gagging your mouth. Loser!
Kitty K
12/11/2019 - 11 minutes
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CruelBrats - You Want My Tits But You Deserve Feet - #Humiliation