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You're Gonna Be A Cuckold
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Most of my boyfriends want to grow up to become professional football players or athletes - y'know what you're gonna be loser? You're going to be a cuckold. Want to know how I'm so certain? Because I'm locking your cock up in this chastity device today and I'm never going to unlock you. While all your friends are fucking their way through college with all the hot sorority girls, you're gonna be suffering with blue-ball frustration - all caged up in chastity. When you've left college and your work buddies are hooking up with girls in the bars and clubs - you’re going to be left drooling from your cock-prison. Eventually some girl may take pity on you but with your pathetic cock in this device - you couldn't expect her to be faithful right? She'll cuckold you - with all the guys you've watched fuck girls since I put you in cock-lock.
Mean Cashleigh
24/12/2018 - 9 minutes
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