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You're Just A Pathetic Date-prepping Cuckold
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How hot do I look cucky? This cute leather skirt looks so good on me doesn't it? Thanks for buying it cucky! Guess what - I'm also wearing the expensive lingerie set you bought me too - it looks fucking amazing on me! And the heels - yeah thanks for these too - I know you had to save for months to buy them for me! Now I just need some cash from you for my date and you can drive me to his place. Aw - poor date-funding cuckold... did you think this was all for you? Sorry - but wimps like you are for shopping not for fucking. You're a cuckold - I thought you understood? You know what your next job is? You can get me all horny for HIM - by begging me not to fuck him. Beg me not to wear the outfit you spent so much money on, beg me not to wear the sexy lingerie you bought, beg me not to take your money - it'll make me so hot for him! Beg me not to let another man have all the fun you wanted to have. Beg me not to treat him to my perfect body all wrapped up in the things you bought for me. He's gonna love what you've bought me cuckold but he's gonna love ruining it all with his thick gooey cum-stains even more!
Danni Maye
03/09/2019 - 8 minutes
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CruelBrats - You're Just A Pathetic Date-prepping Cuckold - #Cuckold